Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fairy Dust, Snot/Croup, Woof, Warm Fuzzy Updates!!

Sorry, again I have not updated much this week, but to say it has been a wild week would be putting it mildly.  Life at our house is always FUN!!! 

Fairy Dust:  Elijah bought the hand written note from the House Fairy.  He is doing a wonderful job!  It is like night and day difference.  He is getting dressed in the morning and night, including teeth brushing without complaining and most days without a word from us to do it.  He makes his bed every morning as soon as he gets out of it.  The playroom and his room is clean.  He takes his dishes to the sink when he is done.  He has been doing other tasks without asking and has been a great helping hand.  Whining is almost gone and we can now enter a store and do not hear I want.  He must use his allowance to buy new toys.  Saving up for things is still a learning process.  He is also tithing at church.

Snot/Croup:  Well, Sarah has decided to go ahead and get totally sick on me.  The 3rd antibiotic seemed to be working like a charm.  We had 3-4 days snot free.  I was so celebrating this too!!  Thursday I noticed a little snot, not much, but snot none the less.  Then she coughed a few times, nothing major.  Thurs. night her sleep was restless and I got up several times with just the thought that her breathing was off a bit.  No distress, just not right to me.  Friday she got up with a weird cough.  Not really croup, but sort of.  My aunt found out she had whooping cough the week after Christmas and we did stay at her house the weekend before and the cough did sound a bit like a whoop.  So, off to the doc to just make sure.  Sarah has some crackles in her chest(sounds generally associated with fluid or infection beginning in the lungs.).  I mentioned that we had been exposed to whooping cough and lets just say my ped was not happy that Doug and I did not get vaccinated as soon as we heard.  I know we really should have, but to be honest I figured we were exposed if we got sick we would go and get treated and then get the vaccine when we had our physicals for our adoption update this spring.  She figures Doug's cough/sinus infection is really whooping cough, but he is on an antibiotic so that should cover it.  Elijah and I are well.  So Sarah is on another antibiotic and has until Mon to get better or we are back to the doc.  She is not better today.  She is still coughing horribly and now has a fever.  Please pray she feels better NOW!!!  Doug got his vaccine Fri and I go Mon to get mine(I know I am a nurse, and I do not mind giving shots, but I am a wimp at getting one, so prayers on Mon would be appreciated!!!!).

Woof:  Our dog is about 14 years old and really does not do well in cold temps.  Since TN is in frigid temps he is having a time.  He has been indoors the last several days, much to his delight!!!  At the beginning of the week we really thought we were going to have to put him to sleep, he just could not move.  He has had hip dysphasia for years and it is really bad this winter.  I have been giving him meds and keeping him in so he is doing so much better today.  He is out for a bit today since it is warmer and we all needed a break from the barking!  We will see how he does today.

Warm Fuzzies:  Wednesday night Pop-pop surprised us with an unexpected visit.  The kids were excited.  He was driving through after a business trip.  He stopped in and stayed a bit and then took us out to eat at Elijah's favorite place, the chip store(also known as a Mexican restaurant).  The kids and me too were so sad that he could not stay the night or longer, but he had to get back so he could make a meeting the next morning.  Next time he is this way he is going to try to stay longer!  On Thurs we finally made the trip to see the house that we had looked at last weekend.  Of course we picked one of the coldest days to do this and the house is vacant without electricity.  A friend watched the kids, so they stayed warm.  The house set up and land was perfect!  It was ideal.  To say something is too good to be true is an understatement here.  The house is not livable in its present state.  Nothing but cosmetic at first glance and something that we could do, then we noticed a brown spot on the ceiling in the master bedroom.  Doug went up into the attic and the roof is in major need of repair/replacement.  Again, this is doable.  Then we went downstairs.  All is looking great until we stepped in a puddle in the guest room.  Hmm, don't think there should be a puddle inside the house and it has not rained in several days and the water is off too.  Yep, a crack in the foundation.  Not real big, probably fixable.  Then the furnace is looking like it needs to be replaced.  The water heater is needing to be replaced.  Several windows need to be replaced, the siding was not completed and is cheap so it needs to be replaced, there is some water damage between the deck and house, so more repairs.  The garage door needs to be replaced.  The list just seemed to get bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and just too big.  The other major factor is that this house is what is called a short sale, so the bank is foreclosing on it.  The process to buy this house will be months in process.  Even if we wanted to tackle the job, which is tackable at a good price, the added time with added damage is just too risky for us.  So we say no to this house, but we know now God is saying this is the time to make the move we have wanted to do.  We have a peace on the timing.  We started preparing our house for sale and plan to put it on the market soon and will start looking at properties now to find the dream location in the school district that meets both of our kids needs.

Sorry so long.  Thank you if you lasted to the end!  Here are a few pictures from the week:

God's Handiwork God's Handiwork

God's Handiwork

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