Friday, January 30, 2009

Do I Dare Say it........

Sarah seems to finally be back to 100%.  She no longer has any signs of illness.  She is into everything!!  She has become very proficent at climbing.  I can not leave her for even a minute.  She climbs on everything and has no fear.  I am just praying for her safety.  She is definately trying to defy gravity.   She has decided that walking is not all that bad.  She is walking more than crawling most of the time.  If she needs to be somewhere fast she will crawl, but seems to pick walking more often than not!!!  I would finally say we are a walker now.  She has also really improved on feeding herself with a spoon.   Our OT gave us a new spoon to try and Sarah seems to really be able to use it more.  We just started using it yesterday and this morning she was feeding herself oatmeal with minimal assistance.  She is also signing and saying more.  The other day she said goldfish as clear as I say it.  The cutest is to see her sign play.  It is just adorable.  The sign for play is hard for me to do, and she has trouble too, so she does her own little sign, too cute!! 

Elijah is doing great.  We got a list of things that he needs to be able to do prior to Kindergarten and he can do most.  He is really loving school and has really become very social this year.  His whining has improved greatly.  Today I told him we were going to Walmart and he asked if he could get a toy with his money.  I said yes, but he had to get his money together and take it.  We have been giving him a dollar a week and he tithes 10 cents of that.  Well, this kid has been holding back on the money he has!!  He came up with over $40.00 in change.  I am not sure where he has been hiding all of this!!  I am sure he has been collecting it most of his life.  He is always hitting up the grandparents for change!!  He spent some of it and we put some back for another day.  He was so happy and proud of his purchase.

We listed our house last night.  We still need to do a few things that we hope to finish this weekend, but we figured if we waited we could always find more stuff that we needed to do, so we took the plunge!!  We are looking at houses in the county we want to be in for the kids educational needs.  We are excited to see where God leads us in this new chapter!!

Well, got to go do laundry and more cleaning!!!  I will try to post more now that our lives seem to be slowing down for a minute or two(lol).

God's Handiwork God's HandiworkGod's Handiwork  God's Handiwork

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Lily said...

Love, love, love all the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I went to the gym!! Thanks for the push today. :)