Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Computer Woes

Sorry I have not updated in a few days, the computer has been a little puny.  Of course today it is working and I am crazy busy, so it will be short today!!  I will catch up later, I promise.  I am not sure what is wrong with the computer.  I believe it is called VISTA.  Nothing but pure trouble.  Last week for some reason it deleted the printer off.  Now being the well organized person I am(everyone quit laughing right now!!!), it took me until Mon of this week to find the disk.  I tried to download it from the internet, but the computer did not like that and every time the download got to 95% complete I would lose internet connection.  I am telling you this computer does not like me.  So Mon night I tried to reinstall the printer from the disk.  I really needed to use the printer so the House Fairy could leave Elijah a note.  This is very important right now, Elijah is doing wonderful and I want the good work to continue!!!!!!  Well, that of course would not work.  It can not be that easy when time is ticking down (the house fairy visits on Tues or Thurs when Elijah is at school).  Then I uninstalled the printer and all related programs and tried to reinstall it.  It printed a test page and then deleted the printer again.  That was all I could handle for the night so I went to bed.  Got up Tues morning and immediately started the computer.  I uninstalled the printer again for good measure and left it running while I took Elijah to school.  As soon as Sarah and I got back home I ran to the computer and tried to reinstall the printer, nope, did not work.  I uninstalled it again and started over.  For some reason this seemed to go on and on and on.  I decided the House Fairy would need to just write the note today.  Now the House Fairy has a curly print she uses, so this took a bit and she also uses all different colors in the letter so again being organized (No laughing) I had to hunt for the markers.  Let's just say there was limited colors used!!!  Got that done and the computer is still working on the install.  Then it finally got to connect the printer, so I did and then had to leave to go get Elijah.  When we got home over an hour later it was still on connect the printer page.  I left it.  At 9 pm last night it finally installed the printer.  Go figure, I did not need it now!  Now that was just one computer problem this week.  The other problem was our internet connection.  We have the DSL high speed ATT service which means it is so slow and unreliable.  When it rains, no joking, I can not get a good connection.  Don't know why.  The phone works just fine, but the computer just will not stay online.  Then they had an update this week and my internet service has been even less reliable.  It stinks!!!  Last night I could not even get on until really late.  I even reset the modem trying to get it to work.  I guess it was just being difficult last night!!!  Well, this turned into a long post guess I better go for now.  I have tons of family stuff that I will share later.

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