Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Wanderings

We had a relaxing weekend.  No traveling for the first time since Thanksgiving.  It was nice to be home!!!  We got up on Saturday and got ready and went looking for bunk beds.  Did you know that bunk beds are not easy to find?  They are tougher than I thought.  Now grant it we have not hit the main name brand stores, we were trying to find a good deal.  Guess next weekend we will hit the name brand stores.  We did not find anything that was just right.  The kids were great.  They both enjoyed trying out the top bunks.  We then went to lunch at Red Lobster which was yummy.  Then we drove out to a home on 5 acres of land to look at it.  The house was empty, so we peeked in the windows.  It needs some work, but is a good potential.  We just want to have a bit of land and not be in a subdivision with neighbors right on top of us.  We also want a place for the kids to ride bikes and run and play.  We do not have a good area for bike riding here.  We also picked up a dollhouse bookshelf and vanity table for Sarah that were too perfect of a match to her room to pass by.  They look like they were custom designed for her room.  Of course Sarah loves the new addition and that her toys are sitting out and she can get to them better.  The problem with that is I am tired of picking up her toys.  The other bad thing is she loves it so much that when she stirred at 6am like usual instead of going back to sleep until 8 or 9 she saw the bookshelf and said "wow, up, Up, UP, UP".  I went in and tried to convince her that it was not time to get up, but no luck.  She just had to play.  She was really cute.  Here is her new stuff:

P1040248 P1040249

While I took the minute or two to run upstairs to get these pictures someone made this mess...

P1040253 Hmm, who could it be...God's Handiwork No, not me...Evidence?  What evidence?God's Handiwork Hmm, don't know what you are talking about.God's Handiwork Oh that?God's Handiwork Well.........Good music, let's dance!!!!God's Handiwork (Technically the next to last picture with the play corn out front was taken first.  She was playing with the music toy and started dancing and picked up the corn and tossed it, but it was cuter this way!!!)

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