Sunday, June 1, 2008

The seals have invaded.

Our house must be under attack!  lol!  We can not seem to kick this bug.  Both kids have it.  They wait until night then they start that seal bark cough....croup, well maybe.  Sarah prior to surgery had a definite bark quality to her cough.  But this is just really deep sounding, different than before.  Both kids have the same cough.  It sounds horrible, but neither one acts sick during the day.  Oh no, they save it up for nighttime so mommy is up all night and feels exhausted.  Sarah will not let Doug comfort her if she is sick, she just wants mommy.  She got up at 7am, since I had been up numerous times in the night, Doug got up with her.  He said she cried and fussed the whole time.  I got up with Elijah(who joined us in our bed at 4am with the thunderstorm) at 9a and she came right to me and acted just fine.  She was just giving daddy a hard time.  Of course she giggled and went back to him and started playing.  Is she spoiled?  No way, although she did smell that way this morning when she got up.  Glad daddy got that poopy diaper!!! 

By the way, any suggestions on how to convince a 4 year old not to be scared during a storm?  He is terrified of the thunder.  The lightening does not seem to bother him.  He was fine with storms until several months ago he stayed with a friend and it happened to storm, just a little, fast passing shower and I do not know what the friend said, but now he is terrified.  He says this friend told him that storms were scary and could hurt you bad.  Way too much info for a child.  We have always tried to teach him that God created the storms and he would protect us.  Now if it warrants we do go to the basement, etc if a tornado threatens, don't play outdoors if storming, but we do not over-react to storms either. 

Here are a few more profile pages for the adoption.  Hmm, I think there are about 16 total.  You can click on the picture to enlarge it.  I promise to take more pictures this week so you do not have to endure profile pages anymore!!

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