Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things never to tell my children

Both of my children are very smart and perceptive about things that are happening in our lives.  I have learned to be very careful in what we say or don't say around them.  They always seem to know what is going on.  Over the years I have learned there are a few things that my children should never know in advance, or it will spell disaster.  These are innocent things.  Things that you should be able to share with joy and pleasure, but for some reason they always lead to illness in my two children.  I thought it was just Elijah that we had a problem with, but Sarah has stepped up to the plate and is well on her way to out doing her brother.  So, I will share words of wisdom to the rest of you and hopefully ease your burdens if your children suffer from these ailments.

Never under any circumstance let you children know you will be traveling.  Regardless of if it is for vacation or to go to a beloved grandparents.  This will always result in one or both children becoming very ill.  Case in point:  Elijah his first Christmas we traveled to GA to see my mother.  The morning after we arrived he woke with a fever of 104.  He was only a few months old and had never been sick.  We were able to see a local doctor and found out he had RSV.  Then we went to IN to Doug's mother and he again was perfectly fine and then spiked a fever of 104 again.  ER visit this time, bilateral ear infections.  Numerous times we have started on trips and Elijah has gotten sick the day before we left, so we were able to go to our pediatrician prior to leaving.  Sarah decided to have croup with trouble breathing while we were at my fathers's one time last year and several times prior to going to one of the grandparents she has had ear infections or croup.  So heed my advance, just don't tell your children you are traveling.  Just tell them the packing of clothes or luggage is just for a picnic or something.  Don't let them know you have plans!

Next, never, ever tell you children you are going to have their picture taken.  This to will lead to unexplainable fevers or rashes.  Don't tell them I beg you.  Elijah for his 1 year old pictures decided to spike a fever in route to the photographer.  So all of his pictures he is pale and sickly looking and I have very vivid memories to go with those sickly pictures always to be reminded of my child being sick on his 1st birthday.  Too sick to enjoy the party.  Sarah I have tried for 2 weeks to have her 2 yr old pictures taken.  First she got salmonella of all things, so we canceled that appointment, then she had a rash around her mouth from drooling due to teething.  Today we have another appointment.  Maybe, just maybe we will make it, right?

Well, my children found out.  I don't know how they found out.  I am sure I did not tell them.  They can not read so I am sure they did not find it in my dayplanner.  But, they know and how do I know they know?  I can see it in the glassy eyes.  I can feel it in the heat of their little bodies.  I can hear it in their cries.  They know I tell you.  They know.

Well, just got back from the pediatrician.  Yep, Sarah found out that she had a picture appointment for today.  She really went out of her way this time.  You see, I did not make the appointment until yesterday afternoon, just to be safe.  Today Sarah spikes a temperature and refuses to swallow.  Her shirt is soaked.  No saliva is going down her throat and if it does screaming and crying occurs.  My baby is sick.  She has strep throat.  No fun at all.  She feels horrible.  Maybe she will feel better soon.  I guess I need to add the photographer to my speed dial.  I guess we will try again another day.  No, that was not pain when I swallowed.  I know it wasn't.  Ok, maybe I will try the no swallowing rule.  Okay, doesn't work.  Guess I will be heading to the doctor.  Man, I have not had strep since I was a teenager.  Ouch, this hurts.  Did I tell you we were planning on going to Florida?  Please don't tell my kids they will ruin everything!  Hmmm, I think someone has spilled the beans.  Please pray that Sarah is the only one that gets the strep.  Ok, just Sarah and I(my throat really hurts).  I need Doug and Elijah to stay well.  God's Handiwork God's Handiwork God's Handiwork My adorable children!  Thanks Jennifer for these really cute costumes.  I got them out when I was going through the winter clothes that Jennifer and Candy gave us for the kids.  They love them.  Sarah is hilarious.  We got out a mirror so she could see herself.  She kept tapping the mouth of the giraffe to the mirror and barking.  Did you know that giraffes bark?  Sarah says they do, and of course she calls it a doggie.  She pitched a good fit when I took it off.  Fall Festival is covered.  Both of my kids are ready.  Elijah is also getting a Bible man costume for his birthday I heard from Pop-pop and Karen, so he will get to pick. 

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Poor Sarah :(. Strep stinks! I hope she feels better soon!