Friday, September 26, 2008

Wild, Wild, Week

Man, what a week.  There is nothing like coming back from vacation to the work week, but then add a few appointments in there and it gets wild fast at our house.  It has been so busy I still do not have the suitcases fully unpacked yet.  Here is a run down of the fun!

Mon:  Take Sarah to school.  Elijah and I come home and clean the house and I start laundry.  I say start because apparently I forgot a load in the washer until today.  Yep, the smell made me remember it.  Rewashing that load now.  Painted the table for Sarah's room.  Hung up a few things in her room that I had found.  I was tired by the time I picked up Sarah and not much was done after that.  I started recovering Sarah's rocking chair cushions.

Tues:  Elijah to school.  Sarah to feeding and occupational therapy.  Then we went downtown to have an evaluation for a research project for speech therapy.  Spent 2 hours there doing the paperwork and testing, only to find out that they think Sarah may have too much language.  HUH?!?!  I told them several months ago when I called about it that she was saying words to me, but would not talk to others.  I filled out the paperwork.  I tried to only mark words that I knew she had said to others and that they understood.  I guess I should have just said she was not talking.  Of course she decided to be chatty.  She named animals, some of their sounds, and other words.  So, we are waiting to see if she is too vocal.  I will be so frustrated if we wasted 2 hours to find out that she"had too much language".  I don't really understand it.  I would think they were measuring an improvement.  Oh well, not sure I really want to do it.  Finished Sarah's rocking chair.  Did I tell you I don't have a sewing machine?  Yes the sewing was by hand.  I am surprised to finished so fast.  Of course the housework is suffering.

Weds:  Sarah to school.  Then Elijah and I went to Jennifer's and she embroidered 2 pillows for Sarah.  Elijah got to play with Abbe and Olivia.  He was so excited.  Home, Supper, cleaned house again.  We have hardly been home, how did the house get so messy?  Worked on sewing Sarah's pillows.

Thurs:  Elijah to school.  Sarah to physical therapy.  Home Sarah nap.  I finished Sarah's pillows.  Folded a load of laundry.  This really should have reminded me about the laundry in the washer, but it did not.  It was a load of diapers that I needed.  That was all I was thinking about.  Picked up Elijah.  Went to the place that is going to make Sarah's shoe inserts  and got Sarah fitted.  Hurried home and changed Sarah and I and we went to meet Lorie for supper.  Elijah and Doug went to soccer practice. 

Fri:  Up early.  Katie our home educator came.  Worked with Sarah on feeding.  Dressed everyone.  Took kids to sitter, Doug and I went to the adoption agency to start our homestudy.  Home, got kids.  They napped.  I straightened up kitchen and dining room.  Kids up--short nap.  Started the mirror for Sarah's room.  Burnt hand bad with hot glue gun.  Guess that is why the warning is on there.  Will finish mirror when the feeling returns to my finger and the blister goes away.  Now I need to think about supper.  Too tired to think.  Will try to get Doug to go get a pizza or something.

Tomorrow we have soccer game and birthday party.  I need to finish the mirror.  Order Elijah's birthday cake.  Clean house AGAIN.  Probably will forget about laundry so I will need to finish it.  Need to find the floor in Elijah's room.  Think he has a desk in there also, need to find it!  Wow, I am tired from just typing.  Guess I better go, my to do list is growing.

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