Monday, September 29, 2008

Sarah's new pillows

Jennifer, Abbe and Olivia's mom, got a new embroidery machine.  She is so crafty.  I just love to see the stuff she makes.  She is just good at this type of stuff.  So, when she told me she got the new machine, I knew she would turn out some great stuff.  She has done dresses and bags for the girls and day of the week undies for Jason(these are a bit scary if you ask me).  So I asked her to embroider some pillows for Sarah.  When I bought the fabric to recover Sarah's chair they had about 1 1/2 yards left, so I got that also just in case I made a mistake.  So I had plenty to make Sarah a pillow sham and pillow for her bed.  I also covered her mirror, but silly me I put ribbons and bows on it like I saw in a store.  Something about buttons and a 2 year old should have clicked in my brain and it did finally about 10 minutes after I hung it on the wall and Sarah tried to pull off a button.  I have to take off the buttons and come up with a new plan on that.  Back to the story, sorry my mind wanders at times!  So last week Elijah and I dropped off Sarah at school and headed to Jennifer's.  Boy did I have fun.  I need a embroidery machine.  I could be crafty then I am sure.  Jennifer did Sarah's name and I dragonfly on the first one:IM000044 IM000042

On the second one she did a flower and dragonflies:IM000041 They are sooooooooo cute.  I love them.  Here is what Sarah's bed looks like now:IM000040 Sarah had to get in on the fun.  She just ooh'd when she saw the pillows and just rubbed them and laid her head down.  She pitched a fit when I got her up!IM000045 I hope to have Sarah's room done this week, so I will post updated pictures later!  Have a great day!
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They turned out great!!! You did a fantastic job!!!