Friday, September 12, 2008


Sarah is still very sick. She has slept most of the day. She does awaken to eat and drink, so that is good. Elijah has pictures for soccer in the morning before his game, so I hope she feels better to go to this, if not Doug will take Elijah and I will stay home with Sarah and pray that Elijah does good for pictures! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Keep Sarah in your prayers.

Don't forget about our buddy walk in Oct...see the blog a couple of days ago for information!!

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Meredith said...

Oh no, I'm sorry she's still not well :( I hope she feels better soon!

I wanted to let you know that we're going to Nashville but we'll only be there 2 days. We're meeting up with two families from the online groups on Mon in Clarksville. If you want to come (and are feeling up to it...) then contact Renee Kennedy's Mom for details! I hope we can meet!