Thursday, September 18, 2008

Praise God for blessings!!!

God has really provided for us lately in little things and big things. Sarah has been wearing arch supports in her shoes for several months now. We noticed since she started walking more that she was turning her ankles inward. The therapist wanted her to have supports that come up just above her ankles for added support. We did not think our insurance would pay for this, since orthotics are not covered. We were told by TEIS that if insurance denied it they would help with the cost, but the approval process would take 4-5 months to process. During this, Sarah jumped a shoe size and her arches began to hurt her feet, so we have had to take the arch supports out of her shoes. Due to being sick we have missed therapy to have the arches resized, so she is totally without support. I just learned that we have met our deductible and out of pocket expense for Sarah this year and her new ankle supports will be covered 100%. PRAISE THE LORD!! We will go next week for fitting!!!!
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