Monday, September 15, 2008


Elijah is really enjoying Cubbies this year. Doug is helping in his class and he thinks this is really neat. He is learning his verses really fast so far. I pray that his memory is this good when he gets in school. I am amazed at how well he learns things. He came home the other day singing new songs from school. He said they learned them that day. They are learning verses at school and at soccer practice too, so he should be well covered in God's word. He is starting to ask more questions about God and the bible, so we are praying for God to open his heart to salvation. I think he is too young to fully understand, but we are planting seed now.

Sarah is also getting seeds planted. She has learned to put her hands together to pray and tries to say Amen. It is sooooo cute. She is also trying to sing Jesus Loves Me. This is very special to me. I love to hear her sing.
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