Monday, March 17, 2008

Is it finished yet??????????????

Well, the answer is..........yes and no. The week started out bad. They did not show up on Mon-car trouble was the excuse. Tues they said they would be done on Thursday, Friday at the latest. We did not see any progress after they left on Tues, so we figured Fri. Friday came and so did the excuses. We told them we had plans for Sat so they would have to be done by 1pm. Sat morning came and no workers. They showed up at 10 and started at 11. I would love a job that gives you an hour to get ready to work. One of the contractors had to make 2 runs to Home Depot, at 1:30 they said we are going to go over the 1pm time just a little(Wow wonder how they figured that out so far in advance). Doug asked how much longer, they said 2 more hours. Well our plans started at 3 so we did some changes so we thought for sure they would be done by 4pm. But, oh no 4 came and went, 5pm, 6pm....Doug finally said you have to go we have plans. He asked what was left, basically about 2 hours of finishing work. They asked about coming on Mon to finish. I said no, I have company coming next week and I need time to clean. We are also having the carpet cleaned today and I do not want them on the carpet until it is fully dry. I told them they could not come back until the 24th. That did not go over well. They then asked to be paid some of the remaining amount we owed, I said no the contract said the last amount would be paid on completion of the job and the job was not complete. That really went over BAD! I then asked how much did I owe them for them to just leave and we would do the rest. They told us an amount that was reasonable and I paid and told them GOODBYE!!!! Yippee they are gone. The plumber was really good and it was not his fault. He is going to come back later and fix the outside faucet for us. The other guy was the problem. He could work 10 hours and not have anything to show for it. Doug and my Dad will finish it up for us. I have everything moved for the carpet cleaners and I will get pictures after the carpet is cleaned and I put stuff back. I will paint as I can, so it will not be totally finished for several months. My hand does not like painting and I am not going to push it. Doug is not a good painter, so we will wait! He is good at carpentry and I am awful at things like that. I can not hang my pictures straight he has to do that for me! We make a good team.

Here are pictures of the kids this weekend!!!
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