Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sarah went pee-pee, Sarah went pee-pee

She really went pee-pee on the potty, really!!! I have noticed that when I change her she starts concentrating and will then pee. Several times her diaper has been dry until I open it. I just thought I would put her on the potty and see how she reacted. She sat there and started peeing. We all did the potty dance and song. She was so proud. She just kept saying YEAH! I am not sure she really understood what she did, but she does seem to have some control. For now I will just put her on the potty when I am going to change her. I don't really think either of us are ready for potty training. If she keeps peeing on the potty, I guess I will have to think about this and see how to potty train a child who is not walking yet. She does say a few words and is starting to repeat words that we say. She totally refuses to sign. If we try to get her to sign she starts shaking her head no and says no, no, no. Guess I need to start teaching her to say potty or pee-pee, something. Someday she is going to get me for posting her potty adventures for all to see!!!
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