Monday, March 3, 2008

Who ate all of the Girl Scout Cookies?

I found the box of Girl Scout Cookies!
Where are the Cookies????
Who ate all of the cookies and did not leave me any?

Uncle Tim brought Girl Scout cookies with him from Lindsey when he came to pick up Grandma. They were a big hit. I let Sarah taste one and she really loved the cookie and wanted more. She found the box and began searching. Thought these pictures told the story. My favorite cookie is the thin mints frozen. They are so much better frozen with a cold glass of milk(preferably whole milk). The only cookies that I don't care for are the ones with coconut on them. I love the flavor of coconut, but not the texture. Feels like hair in my mouth. Wonder if that is what spaghetti feels like to Sarah? She seems to be over her texture issues, but still does not like spaghetti pasta. She will eat the sauce on different noodles, but spits the spaghetti noodles and keeps on spitting forever. Hum, don't think I will try her on spaghetti noodles again. I would hate to think it feels like hair in her mouth. YUCK!
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