Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Leg Bandit Strikes Again!

She did it again! I got more pictures of Sarah with her and her dolls legs out of the bedrails. I give up. I do not know how to stop this. She is getting some better at getting them out herself I think. I can hear her banging on the rail and when I go in she does not have her feet out, so I think she is getting them out some of the time. Her sleep has been awful since her ear infections last week. She is sooooooooo restless. I am so ready to get her surgery over to see an improvement. We go back to the ped on Friday. I do not think her ears are completely better. She is not crying with them anymore, but she is still not herself. We are also having her 18 month well check. Wow, it is hard to believe she is already 18 months. Boy, time flies when you are having FUN!!!! She is so precious. Both of my children are so special to me. God has truly blessed me with the best family!
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