Thursday, March 20, 2008

Elijah you have some explaining to do!!!!

Let's just say this was not planned or a posed picture. Although it is cute. Let's recap the conversation:
Elijah: Mommy, I am stuck (I am in the laundry room doing laundry)

Mommy: How are you stuck? (He can get stuck sitting in the chair, I am not alarmed at this point).

Elijah: I am stuck in the baby walker.

Mommy: Elijah, how many times have I told you that you are too big....(it was at this point that I recalled I had put Sarah in the walker before going into the laundry room. I could envision Sarah hanging over the side of the walker and Elijah trying to push her out so he could get in.).

Mommy: (Trying not to laugh, I am in the playroom by now) Elijah! You can not get in the walker, especially when Sarah is in the walker. Wait, stay right there I have to take a picture for the blog page.

Sarah was giggling the entire time! She was having the time of her life. Not sure what the look is about in the last picture, that is her look that she gives if you are not doing what she wants or you want her to do something that she is not going to do. The therapist get this look a lot! The kids had just had a bath so their hair is wet not dirty! I admit we do not make it to bathing the kids everyday, but we bath often enough so that the hair is not oily!!
Hope everyone has a great day!!
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