Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sarah-Bug feeds herself !!

We have been working with Sarah on feeding herself. She has a hard time releasing foods from her hands to get the food into her mouth. We have been working with a fork, since ultimately that is how she will eat. I have been putting food on the fork and laying the fork on the tray. She will pick up the fork and put it into her mouth and pull the food off and then return the fork to the tray(this took a long time to teach her to do, she would rather throw the fork with the food still attached). Today I decided to start working with her to poke the food and then feed herself. After showing her one time, SHE DID IT!!!! She picked up the fork, put food on it, put it in her mouth, pulled the food off, and laid the fork back down!!!! She fed herself eggs(which are not easy to eat with a fork!) and still wanted more to eat so I gave her mandrian oranges and she was able to do those also. She work really hard with her educator today. Her physical therapist was out sick so we did not have PT today. She is really growing up fast.

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