Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do you believe in Miracles?

I do. God blesses us with miracles each and everyday, but often we are too busy to see them. We just accept things as fact, and never question how things happen. Did you breath this morning? Did you have to think about it? Those are miracles. The human body defies science. We should not be able to stand upright on our feet. Too much weight on too small of a surface. Then our organs working like they do. All miracles. We forget so often to thank God for the miracles that happen everyday. We often see the big miracles. But the day to day miracles are amazing and even more amazing is that the continue to happen day by day. My family is a miracle. I was in my 30's when Doug and I met, through e-harmony. Many, Many, Many miracles took place to join us together, not to mention the 500 miles distance. Elijah is a miracle. I was told pregnancy would be hard to obtain. We did fertility treatment and were pregnant in months, not years. Sarah is a miracle. God used another family to conceive her and give her life and then to make a decision to place her with us. People who love her dearly and wanted the best for her. Then they picked us, we feel so humbled by that. God's Miracle. Tons of miracles happened to bring us Sarah. Miracles are still happening in our lives. Today was a day filled with miracles. Both kids slept last night, miracle. Sarah is better, no breathing difficulties, slight cough, miracle. Elijah all well, miracle. Then things change, and my outlook on the day could change, but I still see miracles. I have vertigo and sometimes it just hits. When it does I hit the ground and start vomiting violently. Today it hit. I hit the ground, a clean piece of floor, no toys, A MIRACLE! I did not begin vomiting, I felt sick, but ok, A MIRACLE. I convinced Elijah to climb on the desk and get the phone(got to lower the phone), he obeyed, A MIRACLE! I called Doug, he started home, he was out of his meeting, A MIRACLE. Sarah decided to venture down the hall, Elijah scooted her back to me, she did not cry, A MIRACLE. Doug got home, vomiting began, but it waited until I had help, A MIRACLE. A true friend, Jennifer came over and watched the kids, A MIRACLE. Kim, the preschool director from church called to check on Sarah, explained our situation, showed up an hour later with supper for us, A MIRACLE. All of these miracle were before lunch. There is no way this was coincidence. God is working miracles all around us. Do you see them? Did you see any miracles today? Were you looking?
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