Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Elijah's life like tower

Elijah asked Daddy to build him a tower he could climb through. Doug was able to build this for Elijah. What took Doug 20 minutes to build, Elijah destroyed in 2 min. He climb through it once or twice and then tore it down. I think he is going to be a demolition expect when he grows up! Nana sent him a package in the mail the other day. He got 2 new card games and some goodies and a car. One of the games is Snap. We have really enjoyed playing this as a family. We have played it several time each night. He loves to get mail.

The contractors did not show up last night. They had car trouble. They came tonight. They are almost done. We think by the weekend they will be finished!! I will still have tons of painting and cleaning to do, but at least I will be able to do it and get it finished.
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