Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To Cough or not to cough

Elijah coughs, Sarah coughs, Mommy coughs, Daddy coughs, then it starts all over again. The cough bug has hit. Elijah and Daddy seem to be allergies. They mowed the grass/weeds on Saturday. Mommy thinks she may have bronchitis. Her chest burns when she coughs. Ugh! Sarah has croup again. She started coughing some on Sunday. Sunday night was bad. I called the ped to get meds, they wanted to wait and see how she did. At 2am Monday night I called the ped back she was worse. Doug made a trip to the pharmacy. I did not even know that the pharmacy was opened at that time. It would have been easier if the ped just gave me the Rx and told me to wait and not give it unless she got worse. It is not fun to be up at midnight, 1, 2, 3, 4 and then she finally went to sleep and Elijah got up at 6:30. When Sarah awoke she was struggling to breath so we headed in. Her o2 sats were 88. They worked with her and got them back up to 95-97. She then did fine so they let us come home. She slept all night last night and seems fine this morning. Let's pray we are all on the mend.
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