Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekly Update

Sorry I have not posted in awhile. The contractors have been working until after 9pm and 10pm is my bedtime(I have never adjusted to CST and my body still sees 10 as 11 pm EST). No the contractors are not done. Let's see they said two weeks, were a day behind on day 1, we are on week 4 and still not done. They worked long hours this weekend, but we did not see much progress. They both have other jobs that they are going to this week, so they will only be working at night. I think we might, just might be done by 2010. The dining room is complete!! The master bath just needs trim work in front of the tub. I have already moved in!! Downstairs: New hallway needs trim completed, carpet put on stairs, and something between the lanolium and carpet into playroom. Bathroom needs trim in front of shower, toilet has a manufacturing defect and has to be replaced. Playroom ceiling needs to be mudded, textured, and all of it painted and crown molding replaced. I am going to do all of the painting, they were too expensive. I also have to repair/replace the wallpaper border in the playroom they damaged and repaint areas that they have bumped and scraped. All of my carpets will have to be steamed cleaned and all of the house cleaned from all of the dust. I think I need to give them a bill for the damage they created(as mad and upset as I am with them, I just might.) There are several areas that I am not happy with the work they did, but I want them out of my house, so I am not having them fix it, maybe I will adjust their pay!!!

I am also posting some pictures of the kids, I know you are more interested in them than the house! Elijah is excited about the new potty downstairs and getting to help mommy paint (I am having nightmares about this!). He has really had a growth sput lately. He is getting tall and skinny. He is eating me out of house and home right now. Sarah is getting over double ear infections. Last week was rough. She is much better today and back to talking and laughing. She has begun putting words together and we are so excited. She is getting more secure in walking and last week cruised the length of Elijah's bed and then transferred to his rocking chair. She pushed the chair a little ways down the hall and kept on walking(I was holding the chair so it did not get away from her). I think any day she will turn loose and go. She is doing better with feeding herself. The mother's day out program at church has agreed to take her in the 2 day a week program next year. I was surprised since they are not prepared to accommodate special needs, but they think she is on target enough to try it! Praise the Lord! We want her to have the socialization, but I did not want her in preschool for special needs. I was planning on waiting another year, but they think this year would be best so she can start in the 1 yr old class and get fundamentals. Elijah and Sarah will go on opposite days so I can keep Sarah's therapies the same.

I hope to be able to post more this week!
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