Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bob the Builder

Well, as you know we have had a remodel done at the house and as promised I have updated pictures.  Now we got a new builder to help us finish the project, and let's just say this one is a newbie: april2008-5

She is such a cutie!  My dad came up on Easter weekend and helped us finish up the electrical stuff(light in master bath, ceiling fan in playroom and reinstalling light in playroom).  Thanks dad!  Doug has been caulking and still has the trim work to do.  Things are taking shape.  I finished painting the walls in the new bath, just have the trim left.  april2008-7 The washer and dryer area is complete(with a new washer and dryer also-a gift from dad-THANKS!):april2008-8 The hallway I have not started on it is still in the rough stage:april2008-9 The ceiling is done in the playroom with the new ceiling fan.  Although they were suppose to treat the area on the ceiling from Elijah's flooding episode with kilz, I don't know if they didn't or just didn't use enough.  Needless to say the area has turned brown so it will need to be repainted. FUN FUN FUN-I don't do ceilings. april2008-6 The upstairs master bath still needs painting.  I hung some of my accessories just so I would not go mad with a half finish bath and overdo the painting and hurt my hand.  My accessories make it feel more together.april2008-1 april2008-2
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