Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Weekday happenings

As usual our week is a busy one.  Monday I tried to put the house back in order, I don't know what happens over the weekend, but the house is always a wreck.  I am not sure why I clean house.  It seems to be a waste of time.  I no more clean then a tornado named Elijah, Sarah, or Daddy hits and I am back to square one.  IM000531 Although, especially on laundry day I seem to make the mess with laundry everywhere.  I have to be creative with folding, Sarah loves to crawl in warm laundry and snuggle, which is ok if it is not folded yet.  Once folded, she must unfold everything to make it comfy.IM000534  Tues, well  is Tues, therapy day.  We drop Elijah at school dash back home for the home educator then out the door to PT then back to get Elijah.  Sometime in there we eat lunch.  After school we went to Abigail's to wish her a happy birthday since we missed her party.  Then home, supper, off to find a dual portable dvd player for the trip to Nana's.  Not sure how people traveled before DVD players in the car, I don't want to find out.  We love our DVD player for those long trips.  The kids are much more content.  Today I am going to try to finish laundry, pack and straighten the house, AGAIN.  Tomorrow Elijah to school, Sarah to OT and feeding therapy, back to get Elijah, load the car, off to Nana's.  So needless to say this will probably be the last post until Mon.  Hope everyone's week is great!!  I will have lots of new pictures next week to share.IM000537

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