Monday, April 14, 2008


Every time we visit relatives I say I am going to take tons of pictures, but some reason, I never seem to do it.  We get so busy visiting that I forget.  I did get a few pictures.  Here is Elijah with Nana and one with Angie and Nana:   IM000542   IM000544 I did not get a single picture of Sarah with anyone.  Although, I did get a cute one of her in the bathtub: IM000546   On the way home I got pictures of both of the kids:  IM000551 IM000550 Don't let the cute one of Sarah holding her baby and sleeping fool you.  Neither kid did much sleeping on the ride to or from.  There was lots of yelling, crying, and whining.  Tons of how much longer.  Billions of I want to see Nana now, I am tired of riding.  Lots of throwing of objects and then screaming when mommy or daddy could not reach them to give them back.  Traveling with kids is not fun.  The DVD players helped on the way, but returning home one player decided to go on strike.  It was the older one that Elijah has been using.  It was still less than a year old.  So we were down to just one player.  We will have to return the DVD player for another one, thank goodness we got the extended warranty on that one, the new one did not come with an extended warranty option.  They make these players so cheaply.  I am sure it has nothing to do with a 4 year old operating it or that it is always in the car and gets jarred around.  Both kids really enjoyed getting Nana and Angie attention.  We had lots of fun.  Friday we did some outdoor work for Nana.  The kids really loved being outside.  I had lunch with Robin, a friend that I have kept in touch with all of these years.  Saturday we were lazy and stayed around the house most of the day.  We did venture out to the mall to exchange some things.  JC Penny's was having a great sale.  We got some great clothes for the kids for next to nothing.  I do not know why we bought clothes for the kids.  They both have tons of clothes.  Owen, my cousin's son, has been giving Elijah his clothes since he was a baby.  I do not know how Owen wears all of these clothes.  There are so many of them that Elijah can wear something new everyday.  It is great.  Sarah has been getting clothes from Olivia.  Olivia is also a styling baby and has tons of clothes.  They fit Sarah perfectly.  God has truly blessed us.  He supplies all of our needs in ways that we can not imagine.  Rich in blessings are we.  Ok, back to the story.  Sunday we got up to freezing weather.  Way to cold to take the kids to church.  Sarah is finally well and I am trying to keep it that way.  So we had another leisurely  day.  We left right after lunch thinking the kids would take afternoon naps. WRONG!  They screamed, etc that I mentioned in the first of this post.  That was our trip!  So...who wants to join us next time?

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