Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Umm, Ummm good!

Sarah has learned to drink from a big cup.  She especially likes to drink whatever mommy is drinking.IM000555   Last night she was able to get the cup I was drinking out of and started drinking.  Thank goodness it was almost empty.  I thought I had moved the cup far enough away, but she got it.  I had told her no when she reached for it and moved it and as soon as I turned my back she got it.  She has also learned to scream and pitch a fit to get her way.  She waits and pulls this act when we are in public.  Time-out does not seem to work with her, she loves to sit in a chair and laughs and babbles the whole time she is in time-out.  Not sure what else to try at this point except to continue redirecting.  Guess we will just keep at it.  She is just so cute and hard to discipline.  She just smiles and laughs after she does something wrong.  It is so hard not to laugh!  She is such a doll.  Of course, I don't think it helps when I grab the camera and take a picture to share with everyone!  Life at our house is so fun!!!!  We are loving every minute of it.  Oh, I just noticed that in the last few pictures she has not had a hair bow.  She has learned to pull them out.  So for now we are just putting a rubberband in it to keep her hair out of her eyes.  Both kids are going for haircuts today.  I will post before and after pictures tomorrow!!

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