Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'll fly away!!!

Remember that old gospel song.  I love this song and several other gospel songs.  I must say I have been singing this song all morning, but not for the reasons you think.  This song has new meaning in our home after today!  The day started out nice.  It is a beautiful day. The sun is shining.  The flowers I planted yesterday look pretty.IM000566 The bulbs Carolyn gave me several years ago are actually going to bloom this year.  I can see the purple flowers already.  They did not bloom last year.IM000568 The new shrubs in front of the house look great.IM000567 Hmm, hard to see in this picture, but trust me they look great.  I even have flowers planted already.IM000569 You can see the shrubs better in this picture too.  Ok, back to the story.  Sarah was down for a nap and Elijah was finishing lunch.  He kept saying he heard something downstairs.  He can hear something in complete silence.  Then I hear it.  Ok, I do not scare easily, most of the time, but I was nervous going downstairs to check on it.  I got to the end of the stairs and there was a BIRD flying right toward me.  Have you heard of attack of the birds?  That is what I saw.  I started screaming and could not make my feet move.  I guess they moved at some point, because I ended up upstairs.  I scared Elijah so bad he was crying.  I was shaking.  I really thought I was going to have a heart attack.  I called Doug and told him there was a bird in the house.  He asked if he needed to come home and get it. DUH! YES!  I am not going back down there.  Elijah is crying (I want to cry).  Thank goodness he could come right home and got the bird and hmmm ....set it free in glory.  The bird put up a fight.  It was not a pretty fight.  I now am disinfecting the study.  The bird came in the old dryer vent.  You would have thought the construction guy would have covered the old vent with a piece of wood prior to enclosing the new tub, but then again that would have required thinking on his part.  We have a work order in to replace that piece of siding, but they brought the wrong color or something like that last time, so they are suppose to be coming back.  Doug is calling them.  They do not want to deal with me after the bird.  So, for today we are singing "I'll fly away".
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