Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dora and Diego Day

Today was Dora and Diego Day for Elijah at school.  Elijah was so excited.  He dressed in record time without me having to yell and scream to get him dressed.  He even brushed his teeth the first time I asked.  He had to dress like Diego, when we planned his outfit it was 75 degrees, today it was 40 so we made changes.  Long pants and a white long sleeve shirt instead of the shorts and t-shirt.  He still looked so cute.IM000552 The outfit was complete with Diego doll and of course backpack.IM000553 Puppy tagged along for the fun as usual.  I think puppy may go to college with him.  Puppy is starting to look ragged.  Poor puppy.  They had the school decorated with balloons and posters.  Here is Elijah with a friend:IM000554 They had lots of Dora and Diego activities and even got to watch a movie instead of having rest-time(don't know who thought that would be a good idea!!!).  Elijah has been hyper all day, so even without the rest he is full of energy.  Wish I could bottle that energy.  I need a large dose of it today!
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