Friday, April 25, 2008

Busy, Busy life!!

Wow, what a busy week.  Here is a recap of all of the fun:

Mon:  Laundry, cleaning of the house.

Tues:  Elijah to school, Sarah to feeding and OT therapy.  Home lunch, nap, go get Elijah.  Back home, fix desert to take to our last Kindermusik class for the semester.  Supper, change of clothes since Sarah is wearing most of her supper.  To kindermusik, loads of fun, home, both kids in bed, Whew.

Wed:  Bird chasing, room disinfecting, house cleaning AGAIN

Thurs:  8:00am Sarah's home educator comes to work on feeding with Sarah.  I get Elijah ready for school.  Elijah to school, take teacher appreciation gift.  Sarah and I go shopping.  Doug and I need something to wear for a wedding this weekend.  Home,nap( she feel asleep on the drive home), lunch, go get Elijah from school, take Sarah to PT.  Still do not have a dress, so crazy me takes two kids to the mall.  Home.  Doug arrives home, say hi/bye.  Leave him with kids and go shopping.  9:30pm finally find a dress.  Home, shower, in bed. 

Fri:  Play with kids, laundry, pack bags, iron clothes, lunch, nap for kids.  I unload and reload the van and get ready to leave.  Termite man comes to check the house. When Doug gets home we will hop in the van and head to Chatt.  Sat we have the wedding, Sun we will drive home, have to make it back in time for Elijah to go to cubbies, it is the award night, so we can not miss it!!  Then the fun starts all over again!!!  Here are a few pictures:IM000558  They just love each other sooooooo much.  The rest of the pictures are of the bubbles we got that are so great.  They just stay in the air so long.  The only drawback is they leave a film on things, esp the kids hair.IM000563 This is a bubble stuck on Sarah's head!IM000564   More bubbles in her hair!!IM000565

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Em LOVES bubbles! What great pictures!