Thursday, April 17, 2008


"Oh where, Oh where is my hairbrush"-from Veggietales for those of you without toddlers.  IM000556 Well, Elijah no longer really needs a hairbrush.  We had his hair buzzed as he calls it.  He is so cute with the short hair.  IM000559 Sorry mom I know you like his hair longer, but I really like it short.  Besides, it is so much easier to clean and brush!!!!  IM000557 Sarah, we trimmed about a 1/2 inch off the bottom of her hair.  We are trying to get the two layers that she has from rubbing part of her hair off as a baby to one length.  She also trimmed her bangs. IM000560 I did not think she trimmed enough so I trimmed more last night. IM000561 Sarah no longer leaves her hairbows in and her hair stays in her eyes.  I can not stand to see her with hair in her eyes.  So, she really got a big girl haircut.  She no longer has to wear a bow, although I think she is much cuter and sweeter with a bow!!!  So far, she is winning on the no bow front!!  Maybe when she gets older she will leave bows in, oh well, I will keep putting them in and back in and back in, etc.
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