Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pre-op appointment

Friday we did Sarah's pre-op appointment.  I was expecting the worse, but we actually had a great appointment.  I must say I have the cutest, sweetest little girl.  She just shined yesterday.  I love it when she is such a happy easy going baby.  Yesterday was one of those days.  She woke up laughing.  We started the day by dropping Elijah off to play with Abbe and Olivia.  He had a ball.  He was so exhausted that he took a long nap when we got home.  It was great to get some rest after the long day.  Sarah and I then headed to Vandy.  We arrived about 30 minutes early-it is so hard to judge downtown traffic!  We signed in and they took us right back.  Can you believe that.  No waiting at Vandy.  The nurse was great and took her vital signs, then the anesthesia lady came in, asked her questions listened to her heart and look at her throat.  We were done.  What? Finished at 10:15.  This is great.  We then went over to x-ray to get the neck x-rays the pediatrician had ordered.  Children with Down syndrome can have what they call AAI where the upper neck is unstable and the vertebrae slide and can pinch the spinal cord.  Before surgery they need to make sure that she does not have this or they have to put her to sleep with different precautions.  We signed in and 10 min later they call us back.  Very surprised at this.  Elijah fell down the stairs several years ago and got a knot on his rib cage and we waited 1 hour to get an x-ray.  We went back and the tech said now this is a hard x-ray at this age.  We need 3 different shots and we will probably have to take several of each shot to get a good one.  We may even need to sedate her or wait until she goes to sleep to get all of them.  We just hope we can get them.  We sat Sarah on the table.  She giggled.  She looked down to play with her gown, he said take it.  Perfect, one try, first shot, done.  He said we need her to look up.  I said Sarah look up for the stars.  Up she looked, shot taken, one try, perfect.  He said I need her to look forward.  I said Sarah look at mommy and she did.  Third shot, one try, perfect!  We were done.  In record time I might add.  No one could believe the tech when he said he got them on the first try.  We went to the waiting area to await results.  Pediatrician called, perfect, no AAI!  YIPEE!!  We then went and got Elijah and visited with Jennifer and the kids, then headed home.  Almost home at 1:20, I happened to remember that I had a doctor's appointment to recheck my blood pressure at 1:30.  Urgh!  Off we went to the doctor, late with 2 kids in tow.  Do you think my blood pressure was better?  NO.  I have to go back again.  I went home, put the kids to bed, called Doug and told him to bring home a pizza for supper and went to bed.  I was tired.
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