Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Pictures

We had pictures taken of the kids today.  They were so good.  How do you pick when all of the pictures have something good about them?  I have a hard time picking out pictures.  Sarah has the tongue sticking out pose, so I eliminated those.  Elijah wanted to chew on his bottom lip, so I eliminated them.  Then just the bad ones where one kid is doing something weird, while the other one looks perfect.  So, I just picked.  I hate to pick.  I always try to rethink it after I order.  But, I picked so here is what I got (I did not get the CD so I would have the prints to put online and did not want to be illegal and scan the photos so I took a picture of my couch, where the photos just happened to be):

IM000527 IM000528

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