Monday, April 21, 2008

Just too tired.

Saturday Elijah begged all day to go to the "pig store".  Which translates to the BBQ place down the road.  They have a pig on the kids menu.  So, we agreed to go for supper.  Elijah and Daddy went out and did some yard work until it began to rain, then Elijah helped me uncover his room from all of the mess.  Elijah and Sarah then had a bath and played while mommy and daddy took turns getting ready.  We went by Bob the Builder's store(Home Depot) and picked up some trim to finish the remodel and Daddy also got supplies to make Sarah a walking board like she uses in therapy.  Basically it is a board that has rails on each side for her to hold on and walk.  She loves to use this at therapy.  We then went to the pig store.  After getting our order and starting to eat, Elijah decided to....IM000562 yep, fall asleep.  This does not look comfortable.  Upon finishing our meal we tried to awaken him.  He did not want to wake up, so we picked him up and took him to the van.  As soon as his bottom touched the carseat he was awake and crying that he did not get to eat at the pig store.  He ate his supper in the van on the way to walmart to get some groceries.  Life with kids, always except the unexpected!

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