Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Rain

Sorry I have not posted in a few days, we have been very busy.  Thursday Elijah had school, Sarah had OT and feeding therapy, then we rushed over to get Elijah and went to Sarah's doctor's appointment to recheck her ears.  Seven weeks now and we still have an ear infection.  It is much better, but still not completely gone.  Surgery is still not until May, they will not move it up.  Back home we went, supper then kindermusik.  Friday Sarah had her last synergis shots!!!!  I went for a haircut, then got groceries.  Back home got the kids up from nap(why is it that when Doug is home with them they both sleep and have good naps and with me they never do???), dressed and off to gymboree with the Down syndrome play group.  Supper out since it was 5pm when we finished.  Home, pjs on and in the bed.  Whew, I am tired writing that!  In all of that, it has been raining here.  Our backyard looks like a lake.  I had to go a different route to get my haircut due to high water on the road.  Today it is cold and wet.  Elijah had a birthday party, but it was outside at the park.  We opted not to go, I could not take the risk that the cold would make Elijah's or my cold worse and us expose Sarah.  I want her to stay healthy.  Elijah was disappointed, but I got him bubbles at gymboree last night so I gave them to him to play with.  They are really great bubbles.  They last so long and stay in the air forever.  The kids love them.  I will have to get a picture of them with the bubbles to share. Feb-7  Here are some older pictures that were taken when I had my hand surgery.  I guess I need to take some more pictures! 


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