Monday, August 4, 2008

Conversation with Sarah

We are working with Sarah on pacing with her speech.  This will help her to talk at a normal rate and pattern.  Here is how the conversation went.  Dashes are used to emphasize the pacing.

Me:  (pointing to myself)  mom-ma, (pointing to Sarah) Sa-rah, (pointing to her doll) ba-by. (pointing to Sarah)Who is this?

Sarah: (shakes head no)

Me: mom-ma, Sa-rah, ba-by(pointing appropriately). 

Sarah: ite(right) yeah.  Puts her hands up in the air and then claps for me.  lol

At this rate, we should have the pacing down by college!!(Yes, God willing I am planning on college for Sarah.  I will not allow the Down syndrome to define her or what she will accomplish).  Sarah has said her name a few times last week, but is refusing to say it now.  In her own time.  She is standing on her hands and feet more and more now.  She is also getting braver about walking and will "hold" onto the wall to walk now.  The kids have a birthday party at pump-it-up today for A who is 4 today!!  I will try to remember the camera and get some pictures to post. 

Please remember a precious baby today.  Emma is having open heart surgery this morning.  She was adopted from Ukraine this spring.  The surgery is very risking for this precious angel.  She also has Down syndrome.  For more info or updates, please click on her picture to the right here on my blog.  Thanks.

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