Saturday, August 23, 2008

Code Brown Update

Well, the code brown seems to be under control. Sarah is more herself today. She is eating better and in to everything! She is still having 1 or 2 loose stools a day and still has a bit of blood in them, but much better. She is a bit pale and tires easily. Sorry I have not updated much, we are just exhausted here. Grandma is going to keep Sarah for us tomorrow while we go to church(Doug and I are teaching Sarah's Sunday school class!). After church Tim is going to come and get Grandma and take her home. Elijah is already sad. He will miss Grandma. Next week will be busy I am sure. I will try to post pictures later. I cut the kids hair this weekend. They look so much older with a hair cut! I have also found some great deals on things for Sarah's big girl room that I will share in the next few days. Her room is going to be so cute!
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