Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We have a climber!

I was awakened a little after 6 this morning to the weirdest sound.  I could not figure it out.  At first I thought is was Sarah shaking her bedrails trying to stand-up, but it was different.  Then I hear Sarah grunting(she does that sometimes when she is doing something hard).  Then I hear her fall and began to cry.  I rush in the room and she is lying on her back in the bed crying.  I think that she just fell trying to stand.  I comfort her and then put her back in the bed and tell her it is too early to get up(I don't do good if I get up before 7a.).  As soon as I closed the door I hear her stand up, so I peeked in.  Sarah stands up, then uses her feet to climb the rails of the bed like a monkey.  I stopped her as she put one leg over the top of the rail.  Great, now she can climb out of her bed.  I was hoping to keep her in the baby bed at least 6 more months, maybe a year.  I can not remember what we did when Elijah did this.  I know we tried several things and ended up putting him in a full bed with rails around it and then about 6 months later Jennifer gave us the car bed they had built for Tyler that he had out grown.  The sides of the car come up higher than the mattress, so he has rails.  He is still sleeping in this.  He is a roller, so I am not ready to change.  I don't think Sarah will stay in a toddler bed.  I think she will get out and crawl to the door.  Maybe, just maybe this will be like other things she does.  She will do it once or twice and then not do it again for awhile.  Oh please, let this be what happens!!!  We will see what happens at nap.  Hmm, guess I better start looking at toddler beds.  Her birthday is coming up, sounds like I will be redoing her bedroom for her birthday present!

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