Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blow Out

Hmmm, not the tires on the van, but Sarah's diaper this morning.  Man, I have never seen so much poop in all of my life.  Not to be to graphic, but to paint a picture of the scene if I may(stop now if you are squeamish).  I smelled the deed when I picked her up this morning.  I really did not  think she had pooped.  Sarah has a hard time pooping(I know TMI).  She poops once every 2-3 days and then only if she is on the potty and strains, no matter the consistency.  She just has low muscle tone.  So back to this morning.  I laid her on my bed to change her diaper, remind you I still think it is just a wet diaper and she has gas.  As I remove her pants(why didn't I put her in a gown last night?), the poop went flying out of the pants on the bed, on me, on Sarah even more.  She had poop all the way down her legs.  Her pants did not feel wet when I picked her up so it must have run when I picked her up.  Needless to say I am gagging at this point.  As I begin to clean her up, she poops more.  Watery poop that goes everywhere.  Ok, I am really gagging at this point.  Not fun.  I got us all cleaned up.  Cleaned up the bed, the floor, the bathroom floor, the cloth diaper.  Why, Oh why does my child have to be allergic to disposable diapers?  She has not had any further diarrhea today(Praise the Lord-reminder to self-need to reread the blessing post from the other day!).  She now has a fever and is very fussy and whiney.  My baby feels bad.  Please keep us in your prayers that we have a speedy recovery and no one else gets sick.  I am having flashbacks from our last illness where everyone got the stomach bug at the same time and we were remodeling and they wanted to take out my washer and dryer.  In fact this was the last time Grandma was at our house, hmm maybe Grandma is the problem!  I think Grandma is having second thoughts about visiting us.  I think she is having flashbacks too!  Sorry no pictures today, brown is not our best color!

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