Monday, August 25, 2008

# 7

Yep, #7.  This is taking forever!  Will we ever finish?  I am so tired of this and all of the fussing and whining that goes with it.  Hmmm, I bet you think I am talking about our code brown situation.  Could be, but thank God we did finish that on day 6.  Sarah has not pooped since Saturday morning.  She is almost back to normal.  She even pitched a good two year old temper tantrum this morning because I made her bite her breakfast bar instead of breaking it into bites.  She lost.  I just ignored her and she came over and bit the bar and ate it.  lol, what an attitude! 

Ok, back to what I was talking about.  Can you guess what it is?  It involves a hard pointed surface breaking a soft tender surface.  Yep, a tooth!  We finally have a front top tooth!!!!!!!!!!  It has taken us over a year to get 7 teeth.  At this rate, Sarah will graduate high school with her baby teeth.  We have two bottom front teeth, all 4 first molars, and now a top front tooth!  Sarah can bite in the front instead of using her molars to bite once this tooth comes completely in!!  Irene, Sarah's feeding and speech therapist, will be so happy. 

Here are a few pictures from Sunday right before Grandma left.  Sarah was asleep, so I did not get any pictures of her with Grandma this time.God's Handiwork God's Handiwork

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

YAY for teeth! Kennedy didn't get her first tooth until she was 19 months old... and it was a molar! LOL Gotta love our beautiful girls!