Monday, August 25, 2008

Sarah's Big Girl Bed

Well, we finally decided Sarah needed to go to a toddler bed.  She has tried to climb out of the crib several times recently.  I got the bed Saturday and set it up on Sunday.  God's Handiwork I figured I would let her play in it a few days, then use it at nap times for awhile, then make the move for night time use.  God's Handiwork Well, Sarah had other ideas.  I put the bed together and moved the furniture around.  Sarah climbed in the bed and said nite-nite.  She had just gotten up about 1 hr prior to this, so I thought she was just saying it was for nite-nite.  She continued to say nite-nite.  She then laid down and shut her eyes and waited. God's Handiwork I asked her if she wanted her music, "yep" was her reply.  I turned on the music and then asked her if she wanted the lights off.  She opened her eyes then and just looked at me.  I turned off the lights and she giggled. God's Handiwork I shut the door(we always shut her door when sleeping, she is such a lite sleeper).  She stayed in the bed.  Elijah and Daddy were gone during this and returned about 10 minutes later.  When she heard them she started giggling and I could tell she sat up in bed, so we went in.  She started telling Elijah it was her nite-nite.  She was so proud of her new bed.  She refused to sleep in her crib last night.  She had to sleep in the toddler bed.  I was a nervous wreck.  We did put an additional side rail upGod's Handiwork and I am so glad we did, she was at the bottom of the bed last night we I checked on her prior to going to bed myself.  God's Handiwork She has used the bed all day today and tonight after supper while I was cleaning up she tried to climb back in and play.  I had to move the side rail and she got up and sat and played for about 30 minutes in her bed.  She is so cute.  I am so sad, my baby is growing up way too fast!!!!  I also took down the wallpaper border between the yellow and white paint.  The room looks so bare without it.  I will post tomorrow about my plans for her new big girl room makeover!

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2 friends said:

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

SO cute! Kennedy loves her big girl bed! :)

Pasifik said...

congratulation! you have 2 beautiful kids.

anyway, you have nice toddler bed.