Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update on Sarah

Just got back from the doctor. Sarah does have blood in her stool. Apparently this is going around. The doctor said they had 22 stools with blood on Monday. She said it could be bacterial, or salmonella. They are culturing it. For now we are back at home. We are on a special complex starch diet. Sarah is not too impressed with it. We are also continuing to force fluids. Mostly this has to run its course. If there is bacteria or salmonella or something else they will call me with further instructions and possibly medications. We are praying it is just the bacterial thing going around. Sarah is sleeping now. Continue to pray for her healing. Also please pray Elijah or no one else gets it. The doctor was surprised Elijah did not have it. Guess that obsessive handwashing kick I taught my son is paying off. He can not stand to have dirty hands like his mommy. Sarah's therapist think I have OCD due to my handwashing fetish. I think it is just 18 years as a nurse, I saw way too much!lol!
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