Thursday, August 28, 2008

You might disappointment me.

I overheard the following conversation between Elijah and Nana last night.

Elijah:  I go to soccer tomorrow. 

Nana:  Do you have a soccer game?

Elijah:  No, not a game.  We go and play and listen to the coaches.  We have to do what they say.

Nana:  Oh, I am coming to your house Friday and I will be there for your first game.  I am going to yell Yea!  Go Elijah, kick that ball.

Elijah:  No, you might disappointment me and I will miss the ball.

Nana(trying hard not to laugh) Oh, well then I will do it softly.

Elijah:  No, the other kids might hear you.

Nana: Oh, ok I will wait and cheer for you in the van after the game.

Elijah:  Well, not too loud the other kids might hear you and get disappointed.

Obviously he meant distracted not disappointed.  He is so cute trying to use big words.  I don't know what is up with this and why he is thinking about being distracted.  Guess we will have to see.  He is growing up so fast.  This morning he showed me that he no longer needs a step stool at the bathroom sink to reach.  I think he grew a foot over night.  I figured he was fixing to have a growth spurt.  He has been eating us out of house and home. 

Sarah is still on the mend.  The doctor called on Mon to tell us she cultured positive for salmonella.  I was so upset.  We narrowed the timeline down to the Thursday we traveled to IN through the Saturday we traveled back.  Needless to say we only ate breakfast at home during these 3 days.  More than likely she got it at one of the restaurants we stopped at.  I was livid at this point.  We did decided to treat Sarah since she tends to get things so easy.  She was over the diarrhea by Saturday, but I wanted to make sure she was really over it.  I am going to take her back for another culture after the antibiotics to make sure it got all of the salmonella.  They said salmonella is really on the rise and for the most part they can not figure out where it is coming from.  Scary to think it is so rampant.

The kids start school(Mother's Day Out at church) next week.  I am so EXCITED!!!  I know my excitement is more than the kids, but I am trying to control it. 
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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

LOL that conversation was so cute! How SCARY about the salmonella!! I'm glad she is on the mend!