Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Reunion

We had a great time at the family reunion on Sunday.  Sarah got to drive Elizabeth's wheelchair.  Yes, by accident...She grabbed the control and took off.  Good thing I was in front of the wheelchair and was able to get her hand off the control.  Boy that could have been wild!!  I don't think Elizabeth would want to go on a ride with Sarah at the wheel.  Here are a few pictures of Sarah and Elizabeth:IM000706 IM000707IM000708 Deanna (Doug's sister) had fun holding Sarah, of course today Sarah seems to think I need to hold her all day.  IM000710 IM000711 Of course I have tons of time to do that today along with therapy appointment, laundry, unpacking, cleaning the rim from the toilet, etc.  Why is it that I clean before going on a trip and return 4 days later and there is a rim in the toilet?  That just is not right.  I have added those new vavoom things to the tank.  I will let you know if they work, of course I still need to clean the rim so I will know if it works or not.  Maybe I will get to that this week.  Maybe.  Lindsey also enjoyed holding Sarah.IM000714 IM000715 Hmm, I think this is a theme.  Elizabeth, Deanna and Lindsey all holding Sarah.  No wonder she is rotten.  Tony just ate.IM000712 and ateIM000713 Ok Tony I am going to take your picture, put your fork down!!God's Handiwork Sorry, Tony I had to pick on someone!  Elijah was in a mood and would not let me take his picture, but I did anyway.IM000716 Those are all of our family reunion pictures.  I have more pictures with Grandma I will share later in the week.  Hope everyone has a great week!!
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