Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Then, Now, and more to come!!

Last June about a month after Sarah came home:001 Look how little they look.  Wow how they have grown.  Sarah was just holding her head up and occasionally rolling over.  Now she is into everything and on the go!! Here is a recent picture:IM000589 They are great siblings.  They love each other so much.  Sarah looks up to Elijah and loves to imitate him and do what he is doing.  Elijah is so loving to Sarah.  He is a great big brother.  Doug and I turned in our formal application for another adoption last week and started our training classes this week.  I know another child will be a blessing and will be accepted by all.  I guess today as I look at my family I wonder how will another child impact us?  How will it affect Elijah and Sarah?  How will it impact Elijah's and Sarah's relationship?  What does the future hold?  Only God knows and he has it all figured out.  He has the perfect baby planned for us.  Look at Sarah and how perfect she is.  Only God could create such a beautiful family like ours.  I do not doubt or worry about the future because I know God is in control and has it all planned.  I guess I am being sentimental today and just wondering, maybe a little worried, about a third child and the impact of all of the changes to our family.  I know this is normal.  We all question changes.  Hmm, now I need to figure out the nursery.  I am planning on putting the baby and Sarah together until they are a little older, but maybe I need to put the baby in our room in a crib at first.  Oh well, something to think about in the coming months of waiting.  Hmm, guess I need to get the house in order for the homevisit.  Better get the paint cans out and get to work!

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