Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Much better day!!!

Today has been so much better.  Sarah is back to normal it seems.  I don't even think I have heard her cough today.  She has a snotty nose, but nothing else.  The added reflux meds seems to have stopped the vomiting.  She is in a very independent mood.  "Mine" meaning I can do it myself is the word of the day.  Today in therapy she stacked blocks for the first time!!!  Yippee.  This is a 15-18 month task and if you stack 4-6 it is 19-24 month task.  Sarah stacked 3 and tried the 4th, but knocked it over.  What a big girl.  She has also learned how to get into a sitting position from a crawl position, and is proud of herself when she does.  She is so funny, if she does something new or something that really takes a lot of effort, when she succeeds she claps.  We are so proud of her.  Here is a video clip of her bouncing.  She loves to bounce and will do it for hours.  She wants to bounce high, she does not like a soft bounce.  Listen to that beautiful laugh.  Elijah enjoys bouncing too!

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