Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Never leave a 21 month child unsupervised with a pop-tart or this could happen.....IM000679

Hmmm, yes that is filling up her nose!  I turned my back to fix Elijah some juice and she grabbed the pop-tart off the plate and proceeded to feed herself.  I think she liked it...IM000680 Well maybe......IM000681 there might be more on her hands than what actually got in her mouth...IM000682 I should have taken pictures of the highchair when we were finished.  I did not realize that one pop-tart could be spread and smeared on soooooooooo many places.  It took me over 30 minutes to get the pop-tart off the highchair.  I do not think we will experience the joy of pop-tarts again for a long, long, long time.  Besides, they don't have any nutritional value to them, they are just one of the few things that Elijah will eat of a morning that do not require cooking.  He loves eggs and bacon.  Now, how many mornings do you think I have time to cook?  I am doing good if we are dressed by noon add cooking and we are still in our jammies when Doug gets home at night!!  We have a fast breakfast on mornings that Sarah has therapy so that is 3 days.  I did find the oatmeal mini cookies that they both seem to like and they are not as messy.  Maybe we will stick to those for now!
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