Thursday, June 19, 2008

Going to Grandma's!!

We are heading to IN to see Grandma and to go to a family reunion.  This will be the first time Sarah has gone to the reunion.  Last year she was still trying to adjust and bond so we did not go.  I think Elijah and Doug went and the girls stayed at home.  We have decided to leave tonight after kindermusik in hopes that they will sleep.  I do not want a repeat of last weeks travel to Pop-Pop's.  Elijah was asking how many more minutes before we ever got to the interstate.  Please pray that they sleep.  I will post again on Mon of our adventures.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! 038 I love looking back at last summer's pictures.  They look so little. Here is a picture at Elijah's 2nd birthday and one of Sarah this month, they are almost the same age in these pictures:IM000211 IM000587

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