Friday, June 27, 2008

Sarah Excels

Sarah is doing great.  Once she got her tubes in she is in to everything and doing something new every few days.  She can pull to stand on anything now.  She is taking steps holding on with one or two hands.  She is crawling and scooting as well as continuing to roll.  She has started going up the stairs.  She is repeating words that we say and saying new things.  Today she even tried to stand without pulling up.  She got up on hands and knees and then put one foot down and then just one hand.  She could not get up, but she is trying!!!  We had her IFSP meeting yesterday in which we basically look at last time's goals and write new goals.  Miss S had met most of her goals and then some and we had to write mostly new goals for her!!!  YAY!!!  Also the physical therapist calculated that for stationary skills she was at 50% delay in Jan now she is only 33% delay!!  Most do not decrease their percent delay and if so not by that much!  On locomotor she was at 56% delay and now 43% delay.  How is that for proving statistics WRONG!!!  WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!  OT was only showing at 27% delay.  They have to have 25% to be delayed.  I don't know what % she was when we started.  In personal-social skills she is at 20 months of age, adaptive 15 months, Receptive communication 19 mo, expressive 15 mo, cognitive 21 mo.  How is that for improvement!  We were told last year at the Down syndrome clinic that basically to expect Sarah to do things at twice the age a "typical" child would.  We told them that we expected Sarah to do things as she was capable and we would not accept their norms.  She is encouraged and challenged to excel at her pace and she has picked a fast pace!  We are so proud of our little angel.  She is such a blessing.  Today we also had her sedated ABR(hearing test).  She has failed 3 hearing test and we got the usual speech that  children with DS are at high risk for hearing loss, we don't think the regular test is accurate based on what she is doing, but we need to do this test to just make sure.  We prayed that her hearing would be normal.  We felt in our hearts it was.  She acted like it was normal and PRAISE THE LORD it is.  She has perfect hearing.  God has been so good to us.  He gave us two beautiful children that have blessed us so much.  Please pray for Sarah she is having a bit of a rough time from the anesthesia.  She acted like she was afraid that her throat would hurt like it did with her tonsillectomy and would not drink or swallow for a bit.  She also has whelps from the tape on her eyes, around her mouth, the heart monitor, and IV area.  The IV area is also bruised.  She looks pitiful, but she is a trooper and played and had a good afternoon despite all she had been through today.
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