Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Fun!!!

On Friday we headed to Pop-Pop and Karen's for the weekend.  Everyone had a blast. IM000689 Elijah loved the fishing and caught several fish.  He caught the biggest fish.  IM000693 I think it was a brim.  Pop-Pop told him it was one of the biggest brim he had ever seen. IM000694 Elijah was so proud of that fish.  Then as they were taking another fish off the hook, it got free and began flipping about.  It hit Elijah in the head as he was trying to catch it.  IM000692 That turned in to a whopper of a fishing tale and became a shark that hit him in the head!!!  Hmm, fishing tales start early.  Sarah was not as impressed with the fishing.  IM000688 She had her fun in the pool.  She splashed and kicked until she wore herself out and she fell asleep in the float.  It was so cute.  Elijah is not as thrilled with the water.  I think it is time for swimming lessons for him.  IM000687 It took him forever to get use to the water and then he would only go in with Sarah's float that had the seat in it.  We spent Father's Day there and headed home after lunch. IM000697 No, it still is not fun traveling with kids.  They are not good travelers.  We are going to Grandma's this weekend.  We have decided to go at bedtime in hopes that they sleep.

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