Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hard Head

Today we went to the water park with the church preschool department and Abigail and her mommy.  The kids really enjoyed the water although it was very chilly water.  Elijah did not even seem to have a fear of it today.  It was great to see him really enjoy playing in the water and not afraid of it.  It was also much easier to hang on to wild water girl with him being more independent.  We then had a picnic lunch.  All was going well when Elijah flipped off the picnic bench and landed head first on the concrete.  It knocked his breath out and took a few seconds for him to cry.  I couldn't figure out how to get to him while holding Sarah.  A friend got to me and took Sarah and I grabbed Elijah as he started screaming.  It seemed like hours, but was only seconds.   Once I got him calmed down I could not find a knot on his head and panicked.  I immediately called the ped, and they gave me the info I already knew that I needed to watch for and if he had those symptoms to go to the ER.   I was more concerned that he did not have a goose egg knot.  I loaded up and we came home.  I called Doug and told him to be ready to meet me at the ER if Elijah did not have a knot by the time we got home I was going to the ER.  Well, he made up for not having a knot to begin with.  I can see the knot across the room now!  No ER trip for now.  He is fine.  He is eating, playing and acting fine.  I will keep watching him and make sure he does ok.  While Elijah was screaming Sarah joined him.  She screamed louder than he did.  She did not like seeing her brother hurt and crying.  They are so close.  They have a very tight bond that melts my heart.  I know that the bond they are creating now will last them through adulthood.  I pray that it grows stronger everyday and they are always close.  Sarah was so happy to be in the carseat next to brother so she could make sure he was ok herself.  She is also fine now.  She was a bit clingy when we got home, and is napping now.  Think she was just startled at mommy handing her over to someone fast.  I took the camera, but did not get any pictures.  I will try next time!!  Hope everyone has a great day.  Snuggle with your kids a bit today, I know I am.IM000701

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