Monday, June 2, 2008


Sorry, I am too tired to be creative.  Well, Sarah slept well last night, woke a few times to cough, but went right back to sleep.  Got up in a happy mood and seemed just fine.  Since she seemed fine and we have missed 2 weeks of therapy due to the surgery I decided to take her to therapy.  We get to therapy and are waiting our turn when she puked all over both of us.  Gross.  She then seemed fine.  The puke was clear liquid, more like stomach acid not really vomit.  So we stayed.  Started therapy and she was doing wonderful and then she leaned over on the therapist and puked again.  Oops, sorry.  She was fine, so finished therapy.  We stopped and got lunch and then headed home, yep, she puked again.  All over the car seat----really gross.  Got her home and cleaned her up, took a nap, got her up to go the the doctors, yep she puked again.  One more time before we left and the once at the doctors office for good measure.  Yep 6 times in a little more than 3 hours.  Doctor thinks it is from the steroid yesterday upsetting her stomach.  We are going to increase her reflux meds for a few days and see if it gets better.  Yep, she has croup, no we don't need a pulmonologist appointment yet.  The throat is not fully healed.  So for now we will wait and see.  Once the throat has had more time to heal,if she gets croup again then we will go to the pulmonologist.  So that is our day so far.  Tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better.  Yep trying to convince myself of that!

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